Hawaii Wedding photographer - Engagement Session
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Trisha & Todd ~ engagement session

05 Jul Trisha & Todd ~ engagement session

One of the wonderful things about living in Hawaii is the vast selections of locations in which to shoot. When we’re looking for a quite, romantic I love heading up to the North Shore to take advantage of the beaches and scenery there without the distractions that somewhere like Waikiki can have. Love Waikiki don’t get me wrong, just sometimes it’s just too many people there!
We met up with Trisha and Todd around sunset. One thing I always do during consultation is discuss outfits that they will wear to make sure they’re going to match and not clash, bring back up etc. At one point during our conversation, Trisha seemed hesitant and I asked her if she had any concerns, her answer was more of a request. See Todd is a huge Lakers fan and had his heart set on having a few images of them together with Laker jersey’s on. I thought it was too cute and of course I was a wiling partner.


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