Hawaii Wedding photographer - Location Scouting
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Location Scouting: North Shore

Location Scouting: North Shore

People always ask why photography cost what it does. One of the reasons is we scout out locations for photographing unique and dramatic places to have your images as unique as you are. I have had many brides ask me about the water fall images posted here a while ago and it’s become quite a popular location. It’s not for everyone but, I love going there and would never have found it if I wasn’t out and about hiking one day.

Here is an image from one of those shoots.

Last week Frank Robinson of Island Events and I went on such a quest to scout some locales we want to photograph for test images. Again when booking your special day, we can only describe a place so much and we feel images speak a for themselves. So off we went to the North Shore on Oahu looking for some unique spots for our photoshoot. Below is video and some images I took that day for reference (if you’re interested in the private estate, please contact me or Frank).

Private estate: North Shore Oahu

Hawaii Wedding Photographer

The amazing view from the lanai, that’s Kaena Point off in the distance

Kauloa Ranch the amazing view from a spot we’re think would be an amazing and unique place…

Look for future posts with the process and final images.


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