Miki + Rob ~ Hilton Hawaiian Village
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Miki + Rob ~ Hilton Hawaiian Village

09 Aug Miki + Rob ~ Hilton Hawaiian Village

We met up with Miki + Rob before their wedding like I would for any of my couples. What I was impressed with Miki was how well organized she was! She showed up with pictures of her wedding party and family members with them all labeled and she handed it to me for my reference. I just loved the idea since I’m a visual person. Anyway come the wedding day we headed over to the Hilton Hawaiian Village, a beautiful backdrop for a wedding especially in the Chapel with its all white interior and windows letting in light. The grounds of the village make it easy to get a variety of images without having to go too far. We were stoked to work with IMF Visions who are stellar at capturing the video. It was a day filled with beauty and emotion and we wish Miki + Rob all the best… enjoy

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