Kimberley + Ty ~ North Shore Bliss
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Kimberley + Ty ~ North Shore Bliss

16 Aug Kimberley + Ty ~ North Shore Bliss

Living in Hawaii, I get the opportunity to meet all sorts of people from around the country or even the world! Couples often will choose to have a small destination wedding on the beach, with a few family and friends. Kimberley and Ty were visiting from Tennessee when Ty ask Kimberley to marry her while on their trip to Hawaii! So we met up with them at Ke’iki Beach (right off the famous Sunset Beach) on a beautiful Sunday afternoon (ok, so there were some clouds and we did stop for the rain to pass us by). With umbrella in hand I rush over to Kimberley with it to protect her from the rain 😉  we finished it up and headed over to my favorite spot for some sunset images on the beach (Mahalo to Kimberley’s sister for the assist!!!)

We wish them all the best and hope you enjoy the images.

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