Hawaii Wedding Photographer ~ The Engagement Session
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Hawaii Wedding Photographer ~ The Engagement Session

Hawaii Wedding Photographer ~ The Engagement Session


Next to your wedding location, picking an engagement photo spot is just as important. These photos are a fun way to capture the personalities of you and your honey before the wedding. It’s also a great way to work with and get to know your wedding photographer before the big day.


From my experience, the shoot is always a great experience when you know the people you’re photographing. I always sit down with my couples and get to know them better. I love incorporating their personalities in the shoot so that it is unique and special to them. Sometimes this includes props that are indicative of their hobbies or sometimes how they met. In addition to preparing props to utilize in the shoot, I recommend that the girls get their makeup done so you look fabulous especially if you’re going to use these during your wedding day slideshow or an enlargement canvas at your reception.


I’ve been a Hawaii wedding photographer for years and have seen all kinds of beautiful places on Oahu. I’m always willing to photograph interesting locations and have done engagement shoots everywhere from the heart of Chinatown to the beaches on the eastern coast of Oahu.

My favorite locations, however, have always been along the North Shore. It’s quiet and peaceful and has a nice rustic feel to it. In addition to the gorgeous beaches found on this side of the island, Haleiwa town has all the charm of rural Hawaii. If you go to the right spots, you’ll find that the best part is that no one else is around. The North Shore of Hawaii has a lot of hidden gems, perfect for photography and couples looking for an adventurous shoot.




Engagement photos are fun for both the couple and the photographer, and every couple should take the time to personalize it and make it their own!

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