Picture of the Week ~ Details
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Picture of the Week ~ Details

15 Jun Picture of the Week ~ Details

A little fact about me before we get started on today’s image. I LOVE shoes! So much, that I actually use to work for Bally of Switzerland way back when as an Assistant Art Director… My office was near where all the product was and we drooled daily over the fabulous pairings. One of the other benefits of working for a corporation like Bally was we also use to get to go “sample” shopping. Towards that end of each season, we were scouted the sample room and marked out favorites. Lucky me I was the perfect sample size! I still have many of my Bally’s since they are totally classic and I still love to wear them. O.K. now that that’s out of the way on to the picture of the week. SHOES! When photographing a wedding on the beautiful beached of Hawaii, I always recommend that my girls wear slippers (that’s flip-flops to all ya mainlanders 😉 ) wearing heels is just not practical on the sandy beaches. We then have our other brides who have regular ceremonies inside a church or on-site hotel location. This is where we can get totally creative with our shoes. Why go for the typical, traditional white shoes? Who says we can’t add a dash of color and our shoes are just that detail that we can add that dash of color. Have fun with it and remember to wear them for a couple of hours a day (I recommend in and around the house only to avoid scuffing) before the wedding just so you can break them in for all day comfort.


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