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03 Aug Reflections

This week’s images is from a very recent wedding (well vow renewal actually). Marie + Cedric were married 10 years ago in Montreal and they are just as much in love today as when they were first married. Marie had mentioned that she had become pregnant as they were planning their wedding and didn’t really get to enjoy their day the first time around. They now have two beautiful children and Marie wanted them to very much be a part of  the renewal. When they planned their Hawaii vow renewal, they contacted my good friend Kalona from a rainbow in paradise. We met up with them at one of my favorite places, Secret Cove (behind the JW Marriott, there not so secret anymore 😉 ). If you’ve been reading and following my blog for a while, you know that I love reflections, tonight’s opportunity arose when, out of the corner of my eye I thought the edge of the rocks was the perfect romantic spot for such and image.enjoy!

koolina wedding, Marriott, secret cove oahu

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