Desination Trupm Hotel Waikiki
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L + D Trump Hotel Waikiki

L + D Trump Hotel Waikiki

We met up with Lauren + Denny for their Hawaii Destination Wedding over at the Trump Hotel in Waikiki. It was a beautiful day in May with her ceremony on the Ivanka Trump terrace for her first look and ceremony. Lauren chose to wear a pair blue shoes and was given a special handkerchief to carry with her that her grandmother and mother had carried on their wedding days.

Another trend I’ve been seeing the past couple of weddings is my girls are purchasing special garters for themselves and one to throw at the reception. Similar to a throw away bouquet. Which I love the idea. I mean flowers will wilt and eventually you’ll need to throw away. A garter you can play with at a later day 😉

They decided to do a first look where a couple will see each other before  the ceremony. It’s a great way for you and your honey to spend a few moments together. I always make sure that you’re alone (at least for a few minutes so you can enjoy yourselves ~ ok so I’m there talking pictures but, I promise, I allow you to enjoy each other and stay in the background). We then headed over to the beach for a few picturesque images. The beach was crowded with people that day so we made the best of it and well, in Jeanne style, I just incorporated them into the images (although, I did almost step right onto someones’ towel!!!! oops). In all seriousness , people are super respectful when I’m trying to snap a few images for my couples and of course, I’m super thankful! We headed back to the Trump for a beautiful Hawaiian sunset ceremony and reception.

It’s also a great opportunity to capture your family portraits as well.

It was an evening filled with florals and coordination by Jill of Easely Designs. Having at least a “day-of-coordinator” is well worth the money, not only do they keep the details in place but, they make sure that an absent minded photographer stays on track. Wish wish Lauren and Denny many years of happiness and joy together!

Enjoy the gallery

Florist + Coordination: Easley Designs
Venue:  Trump Hotel Waikiki

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