Image of the Week ~ Bridal Portrait
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Image of the Week ~ Bridal Portrait

Image of the Week ~ Bridal Portrait

I know that being a Hawaii Wedding photographer, people are always expecting outdoor, beach images with greenery and or big beautiful beaches but, I just can’t help myself to create a beautiful imagery of my brides whilst getting ready in hotel rooms. Wether my destination or local couples they usually wind up getting ready in a hotel room. Hotels are great they usually offer great locations (be sure to get a big room), great lighting etc… I love creating and working with light so when I saw Kory in her dress I immediately wanted to breakout the video light and create something specially unique for her. The results were fabulous…

bride dress hawaii wedding

jeannemarie is a wedding photographer based on the beautiful island of Oahu in the city of Honolulu. She loves to create amazing imagery that’s unique to you.

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