5 Beauty Mistakes Hawaii Brides Should Avoid
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5 Beauty Mistakes Hawaii Brides Should Avoid

5 Beauty Mistakes Hawaii Brides Should Avoid

As a Hawaii wedding photographer, I see trends come and go and some beauty no-no’s as well. Over the years I’ve seen tan-lines, over done-wrong color foundation and sparkles…OH MY! It’s my job to make you look the best you ever have in you wedding photos and here are a few tips that can help you. We also spoke about that mani-pedi a while back, you can check it out here.

1. Following the Trend
Think about a timeless look for your wedding day. There’s nothing like looking back at you wedding pictures 10 years from now and cringing because you went with the heavy smokey eye look or chiseled cheek-bones. It’s important to remember that you’re getting photographed so make-up is important but find a stylist that understands that it’s important to still look like yourself!  ~ Just like out our fabulous Dhina! ~

2. Skipping the Make-up Trial
A Hair and Make-up trail is so important! It’s a great way to get to know your stylist and it may cost you a few extra bucks but, it will save you time and stress on your wedding day. Ask about the right kind of foundations to use to last the day. Many Stylists will now use air-brushed make-up and in the Hawaii humidity, it can and will last longer than regular liquid foundations and powders. Bring ideas of how you want your look so your stylist knows what you’re going for. Here’s where a Pinterest Board comes in handy! If your first trail doesn’t go as planned, then you’ll have plenty of time to try another option. If you are going for an engagement session, some girls will go the a make-up counter at a department store to have their make-up done for the session to get an idea of how it can look on their wedding day.

Maureen decided to also have her stylist Heather Heen from Delish hair and make-up do her hair and make-up  for her engagement session. This was she knew how she’d most likely look like in her pictures for her wedding day.

3. Over Done Eyes
All the rage these days is using false eye lashes and I love them! It saves you from having to use mascara which can (and will run or rub off). Be sure to try them at your make-up trial and see which ones work best for you. Some artists will recommend the partials that are placed on individually but, I still like the full lash. If they’re done correctly, they will look amazing, last all day and will survive the tears.

4. Adding Shimmer
Just don’t. Please. It doesn’t look good in pictures and reminds me of those Olympic gymnasts and how they look like a glitter stick. ‘Nuff said!

5. Tanning
If you’re coming to Hawaii to get married, you need to pay attention closely…I know you want to look sun kissed and who doesn’t want to make their friends back home a little jealous that they’re getting married in Hawaii?!? follow along, even if it’s cloudy, wear sun-screen. Why? because the sun here is extremely strong and if it’s your first few days here there’s nothing worse than sun burn and tan lines. Wearing a strapless dress? be sure to go out with a strapless bathing suit. No one wants tan lines on the day of (and I can’t tell you how many times this happens). I always recommend my couples lather up with SPF 50 the first few days upon arrival and then move down to 30 SPF. If you do get sunburned, go and get Aloe Vera Gel, take a warm shower (as warm as you can bear, not cold), pat dry off and then lather up on the Aloe Vera as soon as you get out of the shower. This way the gel will absorb into your skin (because your pores will be open) and it will heal a tad faster*. (*I’m not a doctor, this is just from personal experience. If you have extreme burns seek medical attention immediately).



Jeannemarie is Hawaii’s Premiere Destination Wedding photographer she is based on Oahu and Maui but doesn’t mind traveling to her neighbor islands if that’s where your destination takes you.


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