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Hawaii Wedding ~ Danyo + Jaisa

15 May Hawaii Wedding ~ Danyo + Jaisa

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If you’ve followed along, I told you how I met up in a dark parking lot to sell Danyo my PowerBook G4’s power cord and then a year later we’re on a boat and serendipitously he says “hey, aren’t you the girl who sold me the power cord?” Me: OMG! you remember that?!? Ah the power of twitter and IRL meetings! I digress, back to our fabulous couple Danyo + Jaisa. Of course one of the first questions I ask is how’s you all meet? They look at each other, smile, (Jaisa lets out a giggle) and say they’ve been together since they first went out in High School on Kauai and they have been inseparable ever since. They truly are one of the most loving couples I’ve had the pleasure of knowing (and photographing). Every time they look at each other there still is a big smile that comes across their faces as if they’re seeing each other for the first time.

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There were so many special moments during the day. Especially when Jaisa’s mom helped he into her dress.

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The night before I was watching the weather because we had heavy rain blowing through our island and having an outdoor ceremony was the plan at Kakaako Park. So I prayed…prayed that it would blow over in time and the weather would cooperate with us. Which it did! It turned out to actually be a typical Hawaiian Day of sun and clouds. Kahu Renne performed a beautiful Hawaiian ceremony starting with the conch shell blowing and lei exchange. Kahu Renee incorporates many Hawaiian traditions into her ceremonies. One is the Paddle, where the couple holds a rowing paddle and she talks about being in a canoe, moving forward and the paddle represents moving forward together and keeping balance.

outdoor, hawaii, kakaako, blue, sky, ocean, bride, groom, bridal party

outdoor, hawaii, kakaako, blue, sky, ocean, bride, groom, bridal party

outdoor, hawaii, kakaako, blue, sky, ocean, bride, groom, bridal party

Manifest, Chinatown, Honolulu, bride, groom portrait, "black and white"

Manifest, Chinatown, Honolulu, bride, groom portrait, "black and white"

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We had a few hours between the ceremony and the receptions giving us time to run around Honolulu for some picture taking. And then off to the Dole Ballrooms for the reception. It was filled with speeches, dances and then Danyo breaking out in song. The evening was filled with lots of Aloha with family and friends celebrating the day with them. Congratulations to Danyo + Jaisa!

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Enjoy the full gallery here:

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