Hawaii Beach Locations ~ Makapu'u
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Hawaii Beach Locations ~ Makapu’u

Hawaii Beach Locations ~ Makapu’u

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You decided to marry on Hawaii for your destination wedding. Many people decide on Oahu as it’s the easiest to travel to as it’s home the the Honolulu International Airport and the Capitol. It’s nicknamed “The Gathering Place” as since ancient times the kings from all the islands would gather. Today, it’s still know for being the most populated island even though it’s the third largest.

Last time we spoke about Waimanalo as one of our favorite beaches to marry on. Today we’ll discover Makapu’u. Remember at the end  of the series I’ll be offering an e-book for your to reference! Makapu’u is another favorite place of mine for it’s lava rock, sandy beaches, blue ocean with Rabbit Island in the background, and the Ko’Olau’s, it offers many options for ceremony and portrait locations. Just east of Waimanalo, Makapu’u is considered to be on the south side of Oahu, just past Hawaii Kai.

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If you’re eloping, just off the main parking lot is easy access to some rocky area that is flat and scenic. Then you can walk around for portraits.  If you’re having a small gathering of guests you can go to “Baby Makapu’u” which offers another fabulous spot where you can have a few chairs for those who may need them. Makapu’u can be windy so its recommend that you wear your hair in an up-do.  As for a dresses, I’d stick to something that will not easily stick to the lava rocks (availed laces and chiffon).  As much as I love my heels, wear comfortable shoes as you’ll be walking through rocky areas and you’ll want to be comfortable (you can bring the heels along to change back into as you get photographed just bring easily changeable ones).

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Easily accessed from Waikiki Makapu’u is a special place to exchange your vows.

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Jeannemarie specializes in Hawaii Destination Weddings and is available to travel to any of our amazing Hawaiian Islands. She is based out of Wailea and Honolulu.



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