Danyo + Jaisa Engagement Session

April 24, 2014


I met Danyo + Jaisa a few years when I first moved to Hawaii. I sold them a power adapter off of Craig’s List and never thought about it. Until a few years later when I ran into Danyo again…On a boat. No, really! We’re on a catamaran off Waikiki and he come up to me and says “Hey didn’t I but your power adapter off of CL?” Me: Um, that was YOU?!?” The rest is history.  When he and Jaisa decided to finally tie-the-knot I was of douse excited to be a part of their day. We headed up to the North Shore where we came upon a sunflower field across from the North Shore Market Place (unfortunately they’re not there anymore).  Enjoy!

I love this quite moment between D+J !


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