Emerald ~ Color of the Year

February 12, 2013

Who would have thought that Pantone is in charge of choosing a color that defines the year? When I used to work in the fashion industry, this decision heavily dictated the color trends for designers everywhere. Nowadays, the wedding industry has definitely taken a cue. This year, emerald is the color of choice, which is a stark contrast to last year’s vivacious color, tangerine orange. Sophisticated and luxurious, this color has the spirit of prosperity and new life, with its lush tones perfectly complementing the scenery in Hawaii.

borrowed from the Pantone website

Emerald is easily one of my favorite colors and is a very versatile color to work with as a wedding photographer in the islands. The darker hues can serve as a background to the bright yellows and greens of an afternoon affair. This verdant color gives the shades of green a hint of sophistication and adds depth to the color scheme.

This color also works perfectly with an evening event and can add range to a pallet that features blues. Coupled with turquoise and azures, it can add dynamic to schemes that reflect the blues of the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

(Hawaii Wedding Photographer Jeannemarie photographs this beautiful couple along Waimanalo Beach, Oahu)

Emerald is a great color to be working with the island. It is versatile to work with in the islands, and the unique and varied backdrops of the sea and mountains are only accentuated by this rich color. While luxurious, this color also holds hope for happiness and prosperity for the year. And for couples using the color this year, let’s hope this luck and fortune rubs off on you.

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