Five Questions Not to Ask a Photographer

July 17, 2012

We recently featured our five questions to ask a photographer and I had one of my followers mention what “not to ask a photographer”. I’m all about educating my clients for the best experience possible and I totally understand that you’re not sure what to ask us and may find some advice from online or even a family hobbiest. My hope is that through these articles you’re better educated and equipped to make the best decisions for your big day. The Hawaii Bridal Expo is coming up fast so, get pen in hand. If you missed the last article about “What to ask a Photographer” check it out and to get your tickets to the Hawaii Bridal Expo at the Blaisdell July 27-28-2012. We hope to see you there!

So here are my top five… Not only at the Hawaii Bridal expo but these go for any situation with us photogs.

1. What kind of Camera do you use?
Any photographer can take a fabulous image with any camera. Just checkout my instagram stream for a few… In all seriousness, I shoot with canon 5d series bodies and mostly “L” lenses… I keep my equipment up-to-date to ensure you have the best!

2. Can you Photograph like XYZ photographer?
Do my images look like that vendor? No? Then No. I want you to hire me because you like my style or shooting. I’ not trying to sassy on ya, really…I swear!

3. Can you do that thing where the picture is in Black + White and has the spot of color?
I get this one every once in a while and the my answer is this: No. Sorry, this is a bad fad that should be buried long ago with the ilk of the image imposed on the champagne glasses from back in the 80’s.

4. Can we provide a shot list?
I’m a professional and you should trust that I should know what to cover for your day… If you have a special request, then sure, I’m totally open to honor your request. Durning the initial consultation this is a great area to cover such special requests.  I do require a shot list for family portraits. I also send you a questionnaire about six weeks before the wedding asking you if there are any areas that you want special coverage for your big day, this is a fabulous time to communicate to us what else you’ll want us to cover.

5. Can I have the RAW files too? No and No please don’t ask…a professional will want to edit your images and deliver you the upmost stellar images. We’ll still charge the same amount no matter what.


Very good points, photographer, Jeannemaire!

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