Hawaii Destination Wedding ~ Waikiki Fireworks

July 3, 2014

For the image of the week, we decided to post it a day early for the 4ht of July. I was out photographing C+S Wedding in Waikiki on a Tuesday evening when low-and-behold fireworks started! Usually the Firework show at the Hilton Hawaiian Village is reserved for Friday evenings but, once in a while there will be a private group that will pay big bucks to have their own show…this night was such an evening. Think fast! What to do?!?!?! Ok, light stand here, C+S here quick, Kiss and hold it! Snap! Enjoy your 4th I hope you’re with your family and friends celebrating our declaration of Independence from England and forming our own nation. Remembering, that as you BBQ and enjoy Fireworks and parades, there are men and women out there protecting our rights and our freedoms, because freedom isn’t free. Aloha, Jeannemaire.Fireworks, beach, couple, bride, groom Hilton

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