How to Perfect Your Wedding Day Timeline

April 20, 2019

5 Tips to help your create the perfect Hawaii Wedding Day Timeline

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Planning your Hawaii destination wedding is exciting as it is overwhelming! Below are some of my top tips for keeping your time line on track. It’s little things that can make your day unhinge quickly, from a limo not showing up to pick you up to take you to the ceremony 45 minutes away (true story) to not scheduling bridal portrait time after your ceremony and not wanting to see each other before your ceremony  with having to go right into your reception (also a true story). 

1. Before You Finalize Your Timeline, Consult Your Photographer:

It’s one of the biggest things couples do not think about and it can save you a ton of stress by consulting us to ensure you get all the moments that are important to you.

By talking with your photographer before you finalize your day you;

  1. Ensure that you get your images taken at the best time of day.
  2. There’s enough time to get your images done (getting ready, family formals, and portraits). 
  3. Communicate to your photographer all the details that you care about so I have time to photograph them. 
  4. HMUA will always want you to go last, I highly recommend against this. If they are running late, you will too. I want you almost ready to get into your dress upon my arrival.


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2. Consider a First Look

Many still consider the “First-Look” to go against tradition but I think it’s a great idea. Especially if you have a tight timeline. Some think that it takes away from that first look as you walk down the aisle and I can assure you that it does not. I’ve even seen tears from both brides and grooms. 

Being okay with breaking “tradition” has its benefits. First, you get a chance to see each other privately and share a special moment before, but also it allows for the time for bridal and bridal party portraits. It’s way less stressful too which allows you to relax and enjoy. 

After the first-look I also take portraits of immediate family (parent, siblings and grandparents).

3. Go with the Flow

I know, I know you want your day to be PERFECT! And it will be! Remember, there are so many moving parts to a wedding day and things can be well, unpredictable. This is where I also believe that hiring a good coordinator (a day of at the very least) will also alleviate stress as well. They are there to buffer any issues and will consult you with any big problems.

Remember that people are working hard to make sure that your wedding day is as special as it can be. Have trust in those you hire as we are there to support you. The important thing here is, you just married your best friend!

Create a “Wedding Day Survival Kit” If you missed our post on “The Top The 43 Must Have items to Bring with You on Your Wedding Day” Click here 

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4. Gather Your Details

About six to eight weeks I send a questionnaire out to my couples, asking about your details and what is important to you on your wedding day. Is it a cameo worn by your great-grandaunt? Or your great-grandmother’s handkerchief? Let me know.

When I arrive to photograph your wedding, have your details ready and organized in one area of your room. This way I’m ready to go and photograph while you’re finishing up your hair and makeup.

5. Designate a Gatherer

When it comes time to take family formals, have dedicated people who knows your family. I recommend having one from each side (four in total). 

I send out a worksheet for my couples to fill out which grouping they want and having a couple of people to help gather family helps thing runs smoother and faster.

Strategizing your Hawaii Wedding Family Formal List

Bonus Tip ~ Trust your Vendor Team

Last but not least, when it comes down to it, trust your the team of pro’s you hired to keep things running smoothly. You’ve spent months of your life planning the perfect day and now it’s time to sit back and let us do our work. When you hire a pro you can be assured that your day will be captured for you to reminisce over and over again.

~ jeannemarie resides in Honolulu, Hawaii she is a destination wedding photographer where she travels the world to photograph beautiful weddings.

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