Image of the Week ~ Using your Parents’ Wedding Images

January 4, 2014

When I get ready to photograph your Hawaii wedding, details are so important to be aware of. I send out a questionnaire for you to fill out and ask if there are any special details or circumstances I should be aware of. Maureen let me know that she and Phil were going to bring their parents’ wedding pictures and could I figure out  a way to use them during the day. I had something in mind already since I had some inspiration to look at beforehand.

When I showed up I already knew what I wanted to do with Maureen and Phil’s parents wedding pictures. Having been inspired by some other images I and seen, I wanted to incorporate Phil and his Mother and Maureen and her parents. First I started by just incorporating them in a few detail images such as with the rings just to achieve a few detail ideas. Phil’s father had recently passed away and I had posed them just with the photo and took a few shots I then asked him to think about what a special day it is and how wonderful his mother made the trip to Hawaii and then give her a kiss on the cheek. I love this tender moment between mother and son.

Maureen I took a different approach; I already had done a first look with mom and dad (if I remember correctly there were some tears). After a traditional posing with all of them with the picture, I had Maureen in the foreground and Mom + Dad in background I took a few shots and after I “warmed” them up I asked Dad to give mom a kiss. Well from the reaction Maureen had, I suppose she’s not totally used to the idea of her parents kissing!!! (I probably would have had the same reaction by the way 😉 ). I’ll be posting more from Maureen + Phil’s wedding soon.

Enjoy + Aloha! Jeannemarie

using parent wedding portrait for wedding day Oahu

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