Juliette & Ricky ~ North Shore Oahu ~ 11.11.11

December 7, 2011

I headed up to the North Shore of Oahu for Juliette & Ricky’s wedding which was held on the busiest day of the year being 11.11.11 and a little thing called APEC in town. But never mind that. I took the wonderful drive up what we call the “Eastside” which tends to be longer and quite majestic. Back to Juliette & Ricky… It was an amazing day up on the North Shore and we met up with everyone just on the other side of Sunset Beach where they had a Hawaiian ceremony performed by Kahu Ryan and we were blessed with yet another majestic day in Hawaii Nei. enjoy!

This is the Honi. In ancient Hawaiian times Hawaiians greeted each other by touching the bridges of the nose and means kiss. It’s a greeting that it represents the exchange of ha, breath of life and mana, spiritual power between two people.

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Awesome images Jeanne! It is always a pleasure working with you.
Wedding was coordinated by
A Rainbow in Paradise Weddings.

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