Location Scouting & the cost of hiring a Professional Photographer

June 14, 2009

I hear this statement often: “Why is professional wedding photography so expensive?” I hope to offer some insight on what goes on in the life of a photographer. 

What needs to happen is a very basic but important ingredient; I need to know where to photograph you. This often takes me on road trip excursions around the island.

Today was such a day as I was in search for a waterfall I had photographed once before. With a session coming up in a week, I wanted to make sure I could remember how to guide my bride and groom up there, to see the condition of the falls, and the lighting for the time of day we’d be there for.

To my surprise, it was raging full force today! Good thing I went ahead of time to check in on this area. Now I’ll get back to my bride and groom to let them know to bring shoes they don’t mind getting wet and to warn them that they might get a little dirty too. 



heart shaped rock… for the rings??? 




a little urban – jungle action…we’ll see how they go for it! 

Hopefully this peek into what goes on behind the scenes of a pro and why the cost is what it is. More to come. Stay tuned.

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