Picture of the Week ~ Groomsmen

February 23, 2013

I love being hired for full day coverage which includes getting ready and you just never knows what’ll happen when the guys are getting ready. Know one ever really knows what to do when we’re taking pictures. I give direction such as help put on the tie and jacket, fix the boutonniere… and sometimes if I feel they’re really nervous, I’ll blurt out “go on give him a kiss” Sometimes I get a really weird looks and a burst of laughter (which is super as well because it nets in a natural reaction) but with this image, I received the real thing. The other thing it does is we start to build that  bond for the rest of the day.


Jeannemarie is a wedding photographer based in Honolulu, Oahu in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. She is available for travel to any of the Hawaiian islands and anywhere in the world.

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