St. Augustine by-the-Sea Waikiki Wedding ~ Image of the Week

October 18, 2014

Hawaii is known for our beach and outdoor weddings, there are couples who choose to marry in a house of worship. One is St. Augustine’s Church right in the heart of Waikiki. Situated right across the street from the beach and on the main strip of Kalakaua Avenue, it’s a perfect place for your ceremony. We caught our bride as she was about to enter the church to greet her husband to be. To find out more about St. Augustines’ check out their website here .


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The stained glass window tells an interesting story about St. Augustine. He lived in what today is Algeria, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Walking along the beach as he pondered the nature of the Blessed Trinity, he saw a boy who had dug a hole in the sand. The boy ran back and forth between the hole and the surf with his bucket, filling the bucket in the ocean and emptying it in the hole. St. Augustine asked the boy what he was doing. The boy explained that he was trying to empty the Mediterranean Sea into his hole. When St. Augustine pointed out that the boy would never be able to empty the whole sea into his hole, the boy replied ‘I’ll be able to do that before you ever understand the nature of the Blessed Trinity!’ and then promptly disappeared. St. Augustine nevertheless wrote his seminal work “On the Nature of the Blessed Trinity,” which, along with other works such as The City of God, caused him to be proclaimed a Doctor of the Church.

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