The Bride, the Marine and the Waterfall…

July 22, 2009

I posted a few weeks back about the expense of hiring a photographer, well the pay of is clients who are willing to make the trek up to where you suggest! I have now been told by my good friend David Rosen the this fall is actually named after who cut the trail. I should have written it down because I am not very good at remembering names! So if you read this David, post a comment for me šŸ˜‰

On to my couple. Mary Ann & Justin were married in California and were looking for something different from what all their Ā friends were having photographed for their weddings. Mary Ann really wanted a water fall and an epic mountain scene when she made her initial inquiry. Even though I knew it wasn’t hard to get to, I wanted to make sure that she know that it was a hike, on a trail, it could be muddy at times and that event hough it might be sunny and warm in Waikiki, it could be drizzling up on that trail…and that she’d be wearing her wedding dress. I was stoked when she said yes, ok, lets go!

We then went off to theĀ KualoaĀ Beach park for our mountain photo op…Ā Here are the results. I hope you enjoy.






There was this fabulous graffiti water tank at the bottom of the trail, I love the urban chic it brings out… not typical Hawaii.



Then off to the next spot, theĀ KualoaĀ Beach Park






What a beautiful wedding photo shoot. I love all the waterfall shots, but I really liked the shot of the bride leaning up against the brick wall and the mountains in the background. Well done!

I love shooting at Kualoa Beach Park. The mountain background shots are gorgeous – love your work!

I love these photos! The handsome Marine in his dress uniform in contrast with the beautiful bride! and the awesome waterfall!

You are very a very terrific photographer and a good judge of getting the right setting!

Mary-Patricia Allen

Wow! Beautiful pics!

Couldn?t figure out which one was my favorite. Love them all, but I think I really like the large black and white and also the first with wall graffiti.

Nice to see such variety, not only in color and hues, but also design. The bride and groom must be so happy
to know they have the joy of these memories!

Gorgeous compositions, Jeanne-Marie! How amazing to recognize the artistic value in the graffiti. I also give the bride credit for hoofing up into a valley to get these waterfall shots. They are a beautiful couple, captured forever by you. An excellent calling card for you and an awesome memory for them. Whenever they have an argument, they should tell each to TAKE A HIKE and get their relationship in the proper perspective. Life is a journey, love is a treasure.

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